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"VR is the 'ultimate empathy machine.' These experiences are more than documentaries. They're opportunities to walk a mile in someone else's shoes."
Chris Milk
"Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination"
Frank Biocca
"Triple F's ultra immersive experience is truly one of a kind, delivering memorable adventures that won't go unmentioned at work or home!"
Mark Pownell

“I finally gave in to my persuasive kids,  and we ended trying this virtual reality pod. I must say the guys are very nice and informative. Not pushy people at all.  And after getting the insight of what this is all about we went for it. It was fun to watch the kids try this and see them giggle and scream in excitement. As well as trying the experience out myself. We had fun doing something together!  And with pre jr high kids it’s hard to find something to do together that they don’t complain about!  This is definitely worth a try! The kids and i had a blast. And I have to say it took the stress out of our shopping trip and it was money well spent.”  – Sonia A.

At Triple F we have a zero risk, money back guarantee. 

If for whatever reason you weren’t 100% satisfied with the VR experience, you’ll get all of your money back.      No questions asked!

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had an obsession with space travel, and science in general. In 2017 I had the privilege to visit the “Art Science Museum” in Singapore. The amazing things I saw and learned there inspired me to create Triple F. Through this business my aim is to use 9D VR, among other technologies to help people inexpensively learn new things, travel the earth, explore space, and even other planets, with cutting edge realism. VR/AR are now poised to revolutionize fields such as education, rehabilitation, and vocational training. Triple F is an opportunity to lead in this revolution!